2 Year Hair Update & Length Check

It's been 2 whole years since I started my healthy hair journey and it's definitely not been easy. I'm still learning as much about hair as I was when I first started. At the moment I'm struggling with looking after the several textures on my head and have been experiencing an abnormal amount of shedding for the past few weeks. I'm not sure if it's the British summer (a combination of humid heat and thunder storms) or the fact that I've decided not to relax. I just hope I can control the shedding somehow or I don't think I'll have any hair left!

I did a length check and I'm now fully bra strap length. I've been this length for a while where I keep trimming my ends and I gave myself another slight trim today. I decided against a blunt cut as my ends didn't really need to be cut other than to appear fuller. Where my ends are bone straight and not texlaxed like the rest of my hair this has made them look thinner in comparison. I will cut them off eventually I just don't see the point when my ends are healthy and I don't wear my hair straight often.

This is what my hair looked like before and after the trim:
(The last shot is a close up of my ends)

For some reason my hair looks fuller in person than it does in this picture, so I included a close up of my ends

I'm about 3-4 inches off waist length which I'm really excited about but I don't think I'll be there any time soon. My hair grows at less than 0.5 inches per month and I'm going to give my hair a bigger trim in the next few months. I'm also undecided on whether to go natural or not so who knows where my hair will be by the time of my next yearly update. For now I'm happy with my progress, especially as my starting length was such a stark contrast to how my hair is now.

Lesley x


  1. You have beautiful hair!
    I hope you come to a good decision with your hair. Make sure it is your own desicion and not propaganda telling yuo what is right or wrong. I believe that the behind the natural movement there is a lot of commersial powers and not mainly a racim issue. The amount of products that is directed to natural hair and the amount of money naturals spend on products is pf course very welcome by the beauty industry. And I dont think it is better for the hair in the long run with all that stuff. I belive that flattening your hair is the most damageding. With my relazed hair I use, shampoo, conditioner and a leave in serum. That is it. I have one deep conditioner that I use once a month and then I have 1,5 kilo shea butter that I every now and then put into my hair to make it shine.

    I was natural all my teens and didnt start with relaxer until I was 20 so I have tried both. PRobably go back one day but I want to do it becaues I want to do it my self not because a whole beauty industry trying to convince me that I am a victim or racism and slavery history and that I am unatural. Lot of the "natural" celebrities you see in magazines have hair much more fake than you and me :-)

  2. I am going through the same thing with my ends being thinner than the rest of my hair. I plan to trim them before the year's over with. Great update and beautiful hair too!

  3. I dont think it matters if it is contradicted your blog or anything you have done up to this point in your life. If you have changed, developed and transformed into a new person and have new ideas you are totally entiteled to follow that path in your life. It is your decision only.

    I didnt mean that you or anybody is doing this consiously because of the trend. But almost everything we buy and do is connected with marketing and pr from big commersial interests. The past 3 years TV, internet and magazines have been full of people telling us how good it is to "go natural". Endless stories about how people eventually discoveredt their real self, how trapped they have been in the rasistic relaxed trap. It is all a trend. When the flat irons came mid 90's everybody flatten their hair, white as well as black.

    The hair is dead material, as soon as it leaves the scalp, it is dead. I was the same inside when I was natural as when my hair is relaxed.

    What you mention about someone sayin you were false if you went natural is a good example of how political it has become. It is freaking hair, it says nothing about who you are or your values. I think that if you feel like going natural you should do that regardless of what other think. It is not like you are implanting anthing in your body or using public hospital resources for your change of styles.

    i advice you to try brazilian blowout. I did that and stretched for over 20 weeks. BBO doesnt alter the hair structure so the hair goes back to its natural state after 10 - 12 weeks. After I had done it 3 times i had so much hair and it was so big and too much for me to handle that I relaxed it again. But it might be a good way for you to have straight hair and between the treatments you can try out what it is like to have natural hair?

    1. Thanks Lisa. I'm still undecided on going fully natural but I've managed to not relax for longer than I ever have before
      I'll definitely look into trying the Brizilian Blowout. I've read mixed reviews on it so haven't seriously considered it before now. It would be a great alternative to relaxing if it works well on my hair

  4. Your hair looks beautiful. I was dealing with my ends looking thin too and just decided to trim them. At first I wasn't sure, but I just did it and I'm so happy with the results. Now I can really devote time to taking care of them in an even state and hopefully thicken them up as well. Good luck to you on your hair progress whatever you decide to do!

    1. I totally understand. I've had a second slight trim since writing my update because just the look of my ends bothered me. I usually would leave it since I don't wear my hair straight that often but it's more even now and my ends do look much better


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