Monday, 22 April 2013

ELF Studio Stipple Brush Vs. Real Techniques Stippling Brush

I've only added stippling brushes to my growing brush collection in the last couple of months. I have two currently, the ELF Studio Stipple Brush (£3.75) and the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (£11.99). I bought the ELF brush first and loved it so much that I decided I needed another (but this brush is almost always sold out when I try to buy one!) I'd read so many good things about the Real Techniques brushes and saw them all over YouTube that I was easily swayed into making an impulse purchase. I've had time to test them both where I use them daily and thought I'd share my views. 

Top: Real Techniques Stippling Brush                    Bottom: ELF Studio Stipple Brush 

I really loved the ELF brush before I used the Real Techniques one. I do get an even coverage easily and generally find it easier to blend my makeup. When I first tried this though, I was comparing it to using my fingers or a flat foundation brush - so I didn't have much to go on. For some reason the bristles on this brush are really sparse and spread out. The picture on the ELF website makes it look really thick and full but the one I have really isn't. As a result the ELF brush tends to waste a fair amount of product which seems to disappear between the bristles. I now prefer to use this brush with powder for setting my foundation.

The first time I tried the Real Techniques Stippling Brush admittedly I was disappointed. It felt rougher than the ELF brush and I didn't get that airbrushed coverage I'd read about. The second time around, after watching a few random YouTube videos and some from Samantha Chapman on the Real Techniques website, my experience was very different. Call me a novice, but somehow I must have been using the brush wrong. The second time coverage was even (though not flawless due to my current bout of mild acne) and better than if I applied with one of my flat foundation brushes. Application has been pretty much the same since.

A huge plus with this brush is the bristles are much closer together than the ELF version which means you don't have to pile on a lot of product. I've only really used this brush with my MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation and my KIKO Pure Pleasure Creamy Blush but with both it works so well. I love how versatile these kinds of brushes are - you can use them with creams, liquids or powders.

         Left: ELF Studio Stipple Brush                        Right: Real Techniques Stippling Brush            

So which brush is best? If your looking to get the most for your money I'd go with the Real Techniques brush. I do like the ELF brush but the Real Techniques brush is far superior and still reasonably priced.

Have you tried either of these brushes? What brushes do you use?

Lesley x


  1. I haven't tried any of the above brushes, but I was using a flat foundation brush until I discovered stippling brushes.
    They work a lot better than the flat foundation brushes. I used to ELF flat foundation brush until I changed and got the Sedona Lace stippling brush.
    All the hairs are compacted together, I get good coverage and not a lot of product needed.

    Good review

  2. i have tried the elf brush so i cant say much about that but my friend used to use it and like it but go through foundation like mad. i have the real techniques stipple brush but tend not to use it for foundation as it doesnt work well for me (i used the buffing brush) i use this for cream blush, bronzer or highlight.x

  3. I didn't care too much for the Elf stippling brush. I love most of their other brushes, but I didn't like that one. I really want to try the real techniques brush. I have heard nothing but good reviews on it. Great comparison post!

  4. Thanks all of you :)
    @Maureen I've never heard of Sedona Lace but I'm always on the hunt for more brushes so I'll check this brand out

  5. I have the real techniques brush this one was the first brush I bought from that brand along with the powder brush :)
    Great post!

  6. Love the Real Techniques brush. I keep buying more!

  7. Thanks both of you. I'm definitely looking to buy more from Real techniques

  8. I find comparative posts so helpful! Makes it so easy when picking out what is best, thanks for sharing your opinion! Real techniques all the way!

    E x


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