Sunday, 18 May 2014

Black Beauty & Hair June/July 2014

The latest issue of Black Beauty & Hair is out now. Inside is an eclectic mix of the latest hair, fashion and beauty trends and various articles focusing on relaxed hair. With the wave of my favourite relaxed hair gurus announcing their transition to natural hair recently (Ebony, Traycee, OnikaSdestraJen & Journey to Waist Length come to mind) I've been thinking more about why I relax my hair. I support anyone trying to make that transition and I constantly have dilemmas about transitioning, but so far I always end up deciding to continue relaxing.

I'm not alone it seems and even with a decline in relaxer sales, so many women still relax their hair. Editor Irene Shelley looks at the reasons some women relax their hair and I briefly discuss why I relax my hair in the article. Also inside, are my articles on how to combat breakage in relaxed hair (FYI that's my most asked question) and how to reach your hair goals regardless of hair texture, length or the goal you have in mind.

There's also an article on the Vixen Sew-In with Radiant Hair Salon and if weaves were my thing I'd be rushing out to get this as it gives you so much more freedom in how you wear your hair. I saw a video on the Vixen Sew-In a few weeks back and my jaw dropped at how natural it looks. There's also some beautiful natural hairstyles which I'm going to try soon as I think they'll really work with my textured roots. So if you're interested, go grab a copy.

Have you got a copy?

Lesley x