Monday, 9 June 2014

What I Wore | H&M Zig Zag Cami

I've finally been rearranging my wardrobe, moving out the autumn/winter items and gradually building up a collection of my summer essentials. It was nice to clear the space which was previously filled with fluffy jumpers, thick coats and knitted scarves, though I must admit I'll miss the layering that comes with the colder weather.

The UK gets pretty muggy in the summer, which is why Brits tend to strip off at the first sight of sun. It's been so warm lately and, like most, camis are my go-to item when the heat is on. I really love this black and white zig zag cami from H&M. I'm prone to buying very plain items but I'm slowly starting to experiment with more patterns, so this shirt is a welcome change. I kept my outfit simple here (I guess that's just my thing) and I'm also unintentionally wearing almost exclusively H&M clothing. H&M is so affordable I've been getting a bit too carried away with my purchases lately and as a result lot of my summery clothing is from here.

Cami, Jeans & Necklace - H&M | Shoes - Primark | Ring - Forever21 

What have you been wearing? 

Lesley x