Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Style | High Waist Jeans

Isn't it great when you find a pair of jeans which actually fit perfectly? I get a strange sense of achievement when this happens, as for me it doesn't happen very often. Until the last month or so I've really struggled to find skinny high waist jeans that fit me properly. Most of the ones I tried which fit over my thighs were baggy around the waist and I (embarrassingly) couldn't even get my foot into a 'super skinny' pair from ASOS. With mid-rise jeans I usually throw a belt on to make the fit work but it doesn't seem to work as well with high waist jeans.

Just when I'd given up a friend from work prodded me to try Topshop's MOTO Black Joni Jeans. With so much buzz around these jeans already I probably don't need to say much about them. Topshop describes these as 'spray-on skinny leg jeans' and they really do fit like a glove. I recently found a Bright Blue Super High Waist pair in Miss Selfridge which are almost identical in look and fit to the Topshop Joni Jeans, and slightly cheaper. I'm now alternating between wearing the two even though we're in the height of the summer season. Admittedly, at times even the British weather is too hot to survive in these all day but these jeans are my go-to on rainy days. 

Have you ever worn high waist jeans?

Lesley x