Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hairstyle | Side Front Twist & Braid

Side twists and braids are naturally my go-to option when I don't feel like bunning or using my hot tools and I came to rely on these hairstyles a lot whilst I was in Scotland last weekend.

To do this particular hairstyle I sectioned off the front portion of my hair, placing a rough parting about 2cm behind my ear on each side. I then split the front section into two, parting it on the side in line with the arch of my right eyebrow. I twisted both sections around my head before pulling them together on one side into a ponytail. I then braided the ponytail loosely, leaving out any short pieces of hair. After I reached the bottom I secured the braid with a hair tie and wrapped the short pieces of hair I left out earlier around the base of the ponytail to finish.

This hairstyle didn't take long to do and you don't need to be any good at braiding to try it either. I always find with braids and twists that the messier they are the better. 

What hairstyles have you tried lately?

Lesley x