Sunday, 8 March 2015

Hair Update | Texlaxed Transition Progress

I've neglected to do many updates on my hair on my blog for the past few years and I think the main reason is my 'transition' (growing out my straight relaxed hair) hasn't been very straight-forward.

I first started 'texlaxing' (using a relaxer to purposely underprocess my hair so it's still has some texture) by mistake in 2011. The result was a frizzy sort of straight which I hated initially but had to admit that it was much stronger and less damaged than my bone straight relaxed hair.

Along the years I've continued to texlax but to a lesser degree each time. As a result my roots have slowly become more textured and closely resemble my natural hair texture. I've been cutting my hair a lot lately as I'm happier with how my roots look but I'm still realistically about a year off the length in which I would comfortably 'big chop' and get rid of all of my straight ends. My hair looks a total mess with all the different textures but it's very slowly coming together.

Taking pictures to document my progress has been difficult as the texlaxed texture is quite tightly coiled and I can never seem to be able to capture exactly what it looks like on camera. My hair also grows at different rates and is looser in some areas. If I had to put a number on it I have a minimum of 6 inches of curly roots in the middle and back whereas around the edges I have about 4-5 inches when my hair is stretched.

You can get an idea of my current progress from the pictures above, but I think it'll be easier to tell how far along I am with my transition when I start to make more dramatic cuts in the coming months.

What have you done with your hair lately?

Lesley x