Wednesday, 28 October 2015

5 Ways to prevent single strand knots

Anyone else plagued by the killer that is single strand knots will understand how frustrating these can be. They're a natural feature in coily and kinky hair and I've been getting them ever since I started transitioning to a curly texlaxed texture last year. There are ways to prevent single strand knots though and here's how I minimise how many I get.

1. Keep hair moisturised
It's always when my hair is at it's driest when I start to see the knots appear as my hair is more likely to tangle around itself. Staying on top of moisturising and applying a little extra oil to your ends is key to keeping them smooth and knot-free.

2. Stretch it out
I don't ever remember having a problem with single strand knots when my hair was fully relaxed and the more stretched I keep my hair the less I find my hair knotting. This doesn't mean you have to use heat or wear it straight, but try rocking a twist or braid out instead of that wash and go constantly to see an improvement. Keeping your ends stretched and tucked in with protective styles like buns, braids and ups dos will minimise knots too.

3. Detangle regularly
So technically I don't detangle as often as I should but allowing my hair to get tangled is usually what causes my knots in the first place. I'm definitely trying to make an effort to lightly detangle throughout the week now and not just on wash day to avoid the knots. Always detangle from ends to roots to gently remove the knots and prevent snagging on the hair.

4. Swap cotton for silk or satin
Cotton bedding and clothing saps the moisture from your strands causing friction and frizz. You can avoid this by making the switch to silk or satin which is a lot more gentle on your hair. For years I've been using satin pillowcases, bonnets and scarves to protect my hair whilst I sleep or to protect my hair from clothing. My hair remains moisturised for longer as a result and doesn't get tangled whilst I sleep.

5. Trim
Hair that is split or weak is more likely to knot. If you've tried all of the above sometimes you just have to reach for those shears. By giving your hair a little trim you can prevent the knotting and cut off those that have already formed.

How do you prevent single strand knots?

Lesley x