Sunday, 30 July 2017

Style | Orange

There are two important things to note about this outfit. One you can spot a mile off, I mean they're bright orange, you can't exactly miss these trousers. The other is the slight bit of midriff on show. It may seem small, but to me these two things signify something big.

Top - Stradavarius | Trousers - River Island | Sneakers - Nike | Watch - Nixon (custom)*

I used to dress how I thought others would like me to look, usually in something ultra feminine and quite mature for my age. I've always been wary of dressing for my body shape too, always things that flatter - curvy, fitted and never cropped at the waist as I couldn't ever have my stomach on show. Now it's a mix of boxy, boyish, comfortable fits and I like to just have fun with clothes. I don't take myself that seriously so I've stopped taking my style too seriously as well - hence the orange trousers and Nike SB sneaker combo.

Photography - Mike Burchardt | @burchardtlens

*sample - read my disclaimer here.

Lesley x