Saturday, 13 June 2015

Beauty | Acrylic Makeup Storage

When it comes to keeping my beauty stash organised acrylic pots and containers are my go-to. It's a bit of a blogger cliche as these types of storage are always raved about online but its so much easier to see exactly where my makeup is without having to root through various makeup bags. I think getting visible 'fingerprints' on the storage puts a few people off these but I've never really had an issue with that. Though I'll admit they do show up dust more than your usual makeup box.

I bought my acrylic storage mostly from MUJI and IKEA. I've also bought a couple of pots and organisers from AMAZON, TK Maxx and BHS too for organising some of my hair accessories, nail polish and jewellery. The pots are usually pretty cheap but for the drawer organisers the cost can add up. I bought my storage in stages as I wasn't sure how much I'd like these. Now I can't imagine using anything else to store my beauty items.

I use this MUJI 5 Drawer Acrylic Box (£24.95) mostly for my lip products with lipsticks at the top, lip glosses in the second drawer and lip pencils in the third drawer. There's a couple of rogue eyeliners in the third drawer too and the fourth drawer is reserved for bronzers and blushes. The last is where I put my mascaras and the pieces which don't quite fit anywhere else.

On top of the drawers are a couple of pots from IKEA Godmorgan (£10 set of 5 boxes) which is so great in terms of value for money. I only really keep my MAC makeup in these, particularly my foundations, powders and concealers as these are the most used items and I don't have a lot of MAC makeup.

On the other side is the biggest box from the IKEA Godmorgon set which has all my eyeshadow sticks, compacts and palettes. The box comes with a lid and I keep this out of the way as these makeup pieces barely get any use. On top of the box are my brushes with the smaller brushes in MUJI Retangluar Pots (£1.95 each) and the bigger ones in an OASIS Cube (£4.41) I bought from Amazon.

Keeping my makeup this way definitely encourages me to keep my makeup stash organised in a certain way. It also limits how much makeup pieces I'll buy now as unless I have a clear out not much more will fit in the boxes I have!

How do you store your makeup / beauty items?

Lesley x