Monday, 22 June 2015

Review | KeraCare Overnight Moisturizing Treatment

I've been using a lot of KeraCare products over the last year and the Overnight Moisturizing Treatment(£10.95/115g)* has become one of their products I couldn't do without.

When I first heard of this product the name and the apricot '2' on the packaging had me thinking this was a rinse-out deep conditioner but it's actually more like a moisturiser. KeraCare describes this product as 'a moisturizing nightcap for dry hair' and it really does soften my thirsty strands whilst I sleep. This is one of my favourite KeraCare moisturisers, second only to the Natural Textures Hair Milk. It's a creamy consistency which provides the right amount of moisture without overloading the hair with product.

When I first used this product nightly as directed I didn't notice a huge deal of difference the following day. With regular use over a couple of weeks however, my hair became much softer and easier to manage. As much as I love how much volume my hair gets naturally (as it makes an awesome high bun without any padding) it's cotton-like texture can lead to a lot of tangling and matting, especially at the roots. Even when wearing buns daily my hair (which creates most of the matting issues) when I'm using this product I've noticed a lot less tangling. 

When moisturising I generally split my hair into 2-4 sections (depending on how dry my hair is) and I stick to applying no more than a walnut sized amount of this moisturiser to each section. The product is quite rich and as it's a small tub too I try to use it sparingly. I now mostly use this product in combination with something else to make it stretch further. My typical routine is to use a milk-y product or conditioning mist first and then apply a little of the Overnight Moisturizing Treatment before styling my hair for bed. I keep my hair in place by sleeping in a silk scarf or on a satin pillowcase and this routine has definitely made my mornings smoother and less hairy (pun intended).

Have you tried any KeraCare products? 

*sample - read my disclaimer here.

Lesley x