How To | Styling My Wig with Curlformers [Video]

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I've been wearing my RPGShow Glueless Lace Wig on and off over the past few days and the main way I style it is with Curlformers. I've already written a post on this here but I didn't go into great detail about the process. The video below outlines exactly how I do it.

I'm using the Long Spiral Curls Kit (also known as Long & Wide) in the video. It contains 40 Curlformers, 20 which twist clockwise and 20 which twist anti-clockwise (indicated by two different colours). These Curlformers work on hair up to 14 inches long so it's perfect for my wig which is about 11 inches. I bought this kit 4 years ago and I never liked using it on my own hair but it's so easy to get these in and out of my wig, creating gorgeous heatless curls.  

This particular tutorial doesn't require many products, other than the Curlformers. I usually just use a little setting lotion mixed with water in a spray bottle to dampen the hair a little first. For more hold you can use hair spray afterwards. Have any questions? Let me know!

The Video 

How do you style your hair?

Lesley x

Mini Haul | Foundations & Concealers

Sunday, 30 August 2015

I've been limiting my makeup products as I tend to rely on the same items day after day but I ended up purchasing a light foundation and a few liquid colour-correcting concealers which were missing from my collection.

Summer is almost over but it's still so muggy in the UK and I'm not loving the feeling of a full face of makeup on a hot, sticky day! I can't go without makeup completely either though, so the MAC Face & Body Foundation seemed like a good option. It's probably better for dry skin types rather than my oily-prone face but I love that it's so light and the finish is really natural.

I've been more proactive with covering blemishes and dark marks on my skin too which means I don't have to wear as much foundation. I usually don't mind the odd scar on show but there are some areas of my skin I do prefer to cover. I've been using the KIKO Natural Concealer in Shade 04 to cover some redness on my face underneath my foundation. It blends easily and gives a decent amount of coverage. I've also been using the Rich Yellow half of the MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Duo to brighten my eye area.

I've been using the other (Burnt Coral) half of the MAC Duo on my leg. I was very badly bitten by an unknown insect last summer and it left some pretty horrendous dark pigmentation on my leg. I've been living in tights and jeans since it happened as the scarring was actually black and pitted initially. It's definitely affected the frequency of my outfit posts as I now don't wear a lot of what were my favourite clothes. Thankfully the area has lightened up a little though with time which means it's slightly easier to cover with makeup. I've been using the MAC Face & Body Foundation as a base and then colour-correcting the dark marks with the burnt coral concealer, before applying my usual concealer and blending in. It's not a perfect fix but it's helped me be more confident with getting my legs out after hiding them for so long.

I haven't had a huge amount of experience with Keromask, but I purchased one of their sample kits last year and I found myself always dipping my foundation brush into the Camouflage Cream Mixer in Yellow. I'm a bit obsessive about ensuring my foundation is the right shade/undertone and I always end up mixing products together to make the right shade. I have a couple of old foundations which I stopped wearing as they're a little too on the red/pink side for my skin and the Yellow mixer warms the shades up making them a better match for my skin. It's a tiny bottle but it's so pigmented and I only need a little product with each use so I know this will last me a long time.

What have you been buying recently? 

Lesley x

Everyday Essentials | Hair Ties

Thursday, 27 August 2015

I often feature my favourite haircare products on my blog but rarely talk about the essential hair tools which I rely on day after day. I wear my hair in a bun pretty much constantly. Yes, it gets boring but hey it keeps my hair out of my face and limits my morning hair routine to no longer than 5 minutes, which is a win in my eyes. My hair is the shortest it's been for a while, and yet with my transition (to texlaxed) it seems to have expanded outwards with more volume than ever. As much as I love having the appearance of big hair, trying to get it in a bun every day makes arm muscles I didn't know I had ache. I may have also broken a world record for the amount of metal-free hairbands I've snapped before successfully tying my hair up. I ended up looking for alternative hair ties which provide the hold I need without damaging my hair and these 3 have served me well.

Thick Elastics (£1.99/6 pack)
These thick metal-free scrunchies are just the right size with the right amount of stretch to make tying up my hair a breeze. I don't know the exact name of these but I got them from Pak Cosmetics (in-store). There's no glue holding the band together, it's just a rolled strip of stretchy fabric which means they've lasted me far longer than any other metal-free bands I've tried and I haven't managed to snap one yet!

Scunci Bungee Elastics (£3.99/5 pack)
Bungee ties are another good staple of mine and I got these ones in Superdrug. I found them a bit awkward to actually put in my hair at first as you have to place one hook into your hair before wrapping the cord around and hooking in the other side. Now I'm used to them I find them much easier to put in my hair than a regular hair tie. I can easily choose the tightness of my ponytail and it stays that way without slipping out or loosening throughout the day. I can effortlessly adjust the tightness of my ponytail if needed too. I was worried the hooks might cause some damage to my hair but I've never snagged or pulled out hair using these. In fact I lose more hair when I'm not using my bungee elastics. 

Invisibobble Hair Rings in Crystal Clear (£3.75/3 pack)
The invisibobble resembles a telephone cord which admittedly is a pretty strange design, but the idea is that the structure makes it difficult for a dent to be left in your hair after tying it up. They can be seen in your hair which is the downside for me but otherwise I quite like these. These are great for when I want to keep my hair straight but might have to tie it up temporarily. I have the clear rings which I got from Boots but you can get them in a few different colours. They're not very stretchy and can lose their shape but I usually just put them in a bowl of hot water to get them to shrink back to their original size.

What hair tools do you like to use? 

Lesley x

Review | Big Hair Products

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

I received a few products from Big Hair a couple of months ago which I've been using on and off. Big Hair is a natural haircare company which has a range of products created with mostly natural ingredients and I was sent their Soft Clean SLS Free Shampoo (£9.95/200ml)*, DEEP Conditioning Hair Treatment (£14.95/200g)* and Leave In Moisturising Milk (£12.95/200ml)*.

I love using natural products where possible but I like convenience too so it's great when you find a company which makes using natural products easy. The products are on the pricey side and are fairly small in size but the quality of the ingredients justifies this a little.

The Soft Clean SLS Free Shampoo has the highest natural ingredient content of the products here and it's made with Sweet Orange Oil giving it a gorgeous citrus scent. It lathers pretty well and you can get away with just one application and rinse. It leaves my scalp and hair feeling so clean, I love it! The formula is supposed to be non-drying but my hair gets so parched I can't skip a pre shampoo treatment before using this.

I absolutely love the DEEP Conditioning Hair Treatment. It's made with Moroccan Rhassoul Clay which I've wanted to try for a long time and it leaves my hair so soft. The product is quite thick, but easy to spread through damp strands after shampooing. The tub is quite small, and though my hair isn't that thick or even that long currently, it's very dense which means I tend to use a lot of my deep conditioner each wash day. I've used this conditioner 3 times sparingly and I have just enough left for one more treatment. I wish the tub was bigger, but if your hair is shorter and you don't deep condition as often as me this is a great product to have on hand.

I've got the most use out of the Leave In Moisturising Milk which I've been using regularly since I received it. I'd say it's more like a cream than a milky product but it's still very light and gives the hair a good amount of hydration. The main ingredients are Aloe Vera, Murumuru butter and Shea butter, all great ingredients which have helped keep my hair soft. The Milk doesn't have much of a scent which is not really a problem, but I do tend to prefer products which have some sort of fragrance in them.

Overall Big Hair is a great brand with some well made products. I would definitely consider buying at least the deep conditioner which I'd rotate with a few other favourites I have already. I really want to try the Big Hair Moisture Me Whipped Butter next which LaaLaa from Dolce Vanity has reviewed on her blog here.

*Sample. See my disclaimer here.

Have you tried Big Hair products? 

Lesley x