Review | Frends Layla Heaphones

Thursday, 30 July 2015

I've been on the hunt recently for headphones with a better sound quality than the standard Apple earphones which came with my iPhone. I kept seeing pictures of these adorable Frends Layla Headphones (RRP £140) all over the web but found relatively little information about any retailers that sell them on the UK highstreet. 

I really wanted to try out these in-store as they're pretty pricey and I wanted to see how they'd compare to a pair of Beats Solo 2 but I only managed to find Frends Headphones online. Most of the reviews I found were positive. These suit my fashion style down to a tee too and with the option of customisable caps covering the ear pieces I was sold. I bought this pair direct from the company's European website and with a 15% discount code and only £5 shipping from the Netherlands, it turned out to be £109, much cheaper than buying from UK stores online!

There's a few colours available and though tempted to get the white and gold pair which matches my phone I settled on black and gold as this suits most of my outfits. I definitely see these as an accessory and I have to admit these headphones are more style than substance. The sound is good and has more clarity than Apple's earphones, but it's not quite the rich tone I was hoping for. The sound leaks too. I definitely had higher expectations, especially considering the cost of these headphones. 

There are some good points though. I find these headphones very comfortable as the soft cushion-y speaker sits just on my ears and the small design means it doesn't take up too much space in my handbag. Thankfully these are compatible with iPhone featuring similar music controls as there's nothing more annoying than trying to dig out my phone from the bottom of my bag just to change or pause my music.

I'm currently on the fence about these as I change my mind every time I use them. They're beautiful headphones but I expected a little more for the cost. 

Have you tried/heard of Frends? 

Lesley x

DivasWigs | Curly Lace Wig [Video]

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I was sent this DivasWigs curly unit* recently to review and I go through the pros and cons I've experienced so far in the below video. 

I received this wig in mid June but I haven’t worn it that much so this video is an initial review. So far I've been loving the curls and I’m really impressed by the quality. I'm happy to do an update in a few months if people are interested in seeing how the wig lasts over time. Unfortunately a lot of photos I took of the wig when I first received it were somehow deleted and DivasWigs don't seem to have a picture of the wig on their website. Luckily I still had some video footage which shows how the wig looked straight out of the box before I tweaked it. 

The wig and contents are packaged in a white box with the brands logo. The wig itself comes in a hair net with some tissue padding to keep the shape, there's also a brush, wig cap and details of your wig order inside the box. For more details check out the video below. 

Wig specifications
Price: $269 (from)
SKU: cc036 
Length: 22 Inch 
Color: #4 Medium Reddish Brown (before I changed the colour)
Density: Medium 
Texture: Curly Silky 
Lace Colour: Light Brown 
Cap Size: Average 
Cap Construction: Cap-3 Glueless Lace Cap  

The Video: 

As it's summer and this is so much hair I'm not sure how often I'll be wearing this wig but I'm planning to start protective styling with wigs again in the coming months. I really want to grow out my hair as fast as possible so I can chop off the last of my bone straight relaxed ends and the less I manipulate my hair the better!

*pr sample - read my disclaimer here.

What have you been doing with your hair lately? 

Lesley x

Beauty | My Eyebrow Routine [Video]

Saturday, 25 July 2015

As it's one of my most highly requested videos I finally put together a run-down of how I shape, tint and fill in my eyebrows.

The Video: 

What's your eyebrow routine?

Lesley x

Review | KeraCare Humecto Creme Conditioner

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Conditioners are my favourite products to use to help hydrate my thirsty strands and recently I've been reaching for the KeraCare Humecto Creme Conditioner (£6.15/234g)* most when my hair is looking lacklustre.

It's fair to say that I hugely underestimated this conditioner initially. I love thick, buttery and intensive hair masks as they're usually the only types of products which can make a noticeable and lasting difference to my hair. I assumed this product wouldn't really have the impact I wanted as it looks like a regular conditioner so it sat unused in my hair stash for a long time. My deep conditioners were running low (despite having several on hand at once) which made me use this and it works so well. I've used this conditioner quite a few times now and it consistently leaves my hair super soft and smooth.

The formula includes various plant extracts, including Ivy, Garlic, Chamomile and Rosemary which is supposed to revive dry brittle hair and gives the conditioner a sweet floral scent. The ingredients include silicones too which are probably responsible for giving my strands lasting smoothness after the product has been rinsed out. I tend to use this post-shampoo leaving it on for roughly 15 minutes with a shower cap. The formula is fairly runny which makes it really easy to smooth through damp hair. The product has a lot of 'slip' too so I can ease out any tangles that were created during the shampoo process.

The bottle is quite small and it's very easy to get through a lot of product with each wash but other than that I can't find much fault with this conditioner. This is actually one of the more affordable conditioners KeraCare has and whilst it is still a bit pricey compared to some other brands the results it gives my hair would make the cost worth it. I have so many conditioners I love already but I will be buying this when it runs out.

*pr sample - read my disclaimer here.

What conditioners do you like to use? 

Lesley x