Review | Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In [Video]

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Cantu were kind enough to send me their Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream (435g)* which I decided to review on my YouTube channel. It's definitely a product I've wanted to try for a while as I've heard so many people rave about this leave-in. I'm not exactly sure how much it retails for but I've seen it in Pak Cosmetics for £3.99 so it's really affordable for such a large tub. More details are in the video.

The Video:

*pr sample - read my disclaimer here.

Have you tried Cantu products before? 

Lesley x

Style | H&M Khaki Trousers

Monday, 30 March 2015

I feel like I haven't done a fashion posts in forever but I've actually been so excited about Spring I'm hoping to do more fashion posts in the next few weeks. I miss the layering that comes with Winter, but my style has always been so simple that I end up just throwing on a few things before heading out the door. This is definitely one of those outfits and it's ridiculously comfortable too.

I've managed to reign in my spending a lot over the last few months and instead I've been reaching for lots of pieces that have been neglected in my wardrobe for a while. I fell in love with these khaki trousers from H&M when I saw them at the end of last summer, but I've never worn them until now. It's a bad habit of mine to have drawers filled with clothes with the tags still on so I'm trying to slowly change that. Speaking of unworn purchases, I might as well fess up to the fact that these shoes have only made it out of the house twice too. Now we're no longer in winter and there's no risk of my exposed toes getting frostbite I'll definitely be strolling around in these shoes more often.

Knit - Forever 21 | Trousers - H&M | Shoes - London Rebel | Necklace - ASOS | Watch - Olivia Burton

What have you been wearing? 

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Review | Glowwbox March 2015

Sunday, 29 March 2015

I've been feeling pretty rough the past week, so the March Glowwbox* which is all about pampering couldn't come at a better time.

I've posted a couple of times about Glowwbox already, but for anyone that's new to my blog, Glowwbox is a beauty subscription service for women of colour. It costs £15 per month + P&P and the company's aim is to make beauty shopping for women with darker skintones easier. As well as a subscription service they also have a beauty boutique and a free makeup guide about common makeup mistakes.

Inside my Glowwbox this month was 6 products, 2 were full size - Willow Organic Glowing Body Oil (full size £37/100ml), Lavera Mint Pore Refining Moisturising Fluid (full Size £10.90/30ml), Konjac Facial Puff Sponge (£7.99), S5 Vitality Mask (full size £42/75ml), Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Extreme (full size £15/125ml) and Nablus Soap (£5.90).

I thought I'd round up my favourite products here rather than talk about everything included. I love the Nablus Soap in Soft Honey and Konjac Sponge, which I've been using together. I've been using more natural products to cleanse my skin recently, especially my face, as this has definitely helped ease my monthly breakouts. The Konjac Sponge is made of natural vegetable fibres and you can use it alone or with a little product to really cleanse the skin. The original Konjac Sponge was included here but The Konjac Sponge Company have a few variations of their sponge, including one made with bamboo charcoal made specifically for spot prone and oily skin. The sponge can last from 2-3 months so when it needs replacing I'll probably pick up the charcoal version. I already have a cleanser I love (Dr Bronner's Magic Soap) so I reach for the Nablus Soap when I want to switch it up. All Nablus Soaps are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil this version is also made with honey and Coconut Oil which leaves my skin hydrated after use. 

Another product I love from this month's Glowwbox is the Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Extreme. I've always had good experiences with Philip Kingsley products but I've never tried this before. It's a leave-in conditioning spray which protects against heat damage. It's made with over-processed, porous and Afro-Caribbean hair-types in mind. My hair is braided up at the moment and I rarely use heat anyway so my wig, which I use heat on almost daily, is benefiting from having this product amongst my haircare arsenal.

As with all of the Glowwbox Editions I've had so far the products included are always high quality. The March Pure Pampering Edition definitely feels indulgent and it's been great to actually pamper myself recently. Weirdly, despite being a beauty blogger I rarely take much time out to apply a face mask or relax in the bath. So much emphasis tends to be put on my hair I can forget about the rest of my body! This month's Glowwbox has reminded me it's important to take time out to really pamper myself from head to toe.

The Pure Pampering Edition is available on the Glowwbox website until 3rd April 

*pr sample - All of the products in this box were provided courtesy of Glowwbox. See my disclaimer here.

Have you tried Glowwbox or another Beauty Box Subscription service? 

Lesley x

Realash Eyelash Enhancer | Final Review

Saturday, 28 March 2015

About 3 months ago I started using REALASH Eyelash Enhancer (£49)* on my top lashes (introductory post here). By applying a little serum to the base of the lashes nightly, REALASH claims that the enhancer can lengthen and thicken lashes in 3 months. Even though I missed a few days during this time and a whole week in February the product has still worked well for me. 

My lashes are noticeably longer and thicker and I saw these results within a few weeks of using the product. My lashes used to fall out a lot prior to using this product regularly too and this has drastically reduced. The condition of my lashes haven't improved much since reporting my results of using REALASH Eyelash Enhancer after one of month use (post here), but that may be because I kept forgetting to use the product. Consistency is key with products like this so it's a shame I didn't always remember to apply it.

Before & After - Without Mascara

Before & After - With Mascara

As you can see from the pictures, this product does work which I wasn't expecting initially. Using it regularly is crucial however, and to maintain the results you have to keep using the product. Forgetful people like myself will find that the product may not be as effective as you need to use it every night. 

The Realash Eyelash Enhancer is also pretty pricey. It costs 5 times more than any other product I have to lengthen my eyelashes (like false eyelashes, mascaras etc.) so if I hadn't tried it I probably wouldn't buy it. However, now knowing that this product does actually work would make me more inclined to buy it in the future. I've seen a lot of eyelash enhancers available currently and when they can range from anywhere from £5 to £90 I know I can rely on REALASH to deliver results.

It's worth also noting that the bottle is pretty small at just 3ml but it does last. I still have some product left after 3 months and the company claims one bottle can last 4-5 months. The quality and amount of the ingredients packed into this tiny little bottle is good too. I'm convinced the natural ingredients in REALASH which promote healthy hair growth, like collagen, aloe and various fruit extracts, are the main reason this actually works.

This product is perfect for anyone that wants to lengthen their natural eyelashes without relying on falsies or special mascaras and can slot this into their everyday beauty routine. I'm going to continue to use REALASH (hopefully more consistently) to see if my eyelashes get even longer and thicker.

*pr sample. You can read my disclaimer here.

Have you tried an eyelash enhancer? 

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