Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hair Talk | My texlaxed texture

I've been 'texlaxing' (purposely underprocessing my hair with a relaxer) for about 3 years now. At first I texlaxed by mistake but eventually decided I wanted texlaxed rather than bone straight relaxed hair (more info here).

Due to stumbling upon texlaxing by accident and not cutting my ends off, I've ended up with several textures on a single strand of hair. I've only recently decided I still want curls after relaxing and I've been experimenting with different relaxers and timings (which I don't recommend if you can go to a professional).

I achieved almost the exact results I want only with my last couple of relaxers. It's been really hard to capture on camera what the curly texlaxed texture looks like, so hopefully you can idea of what it's like from the picture above.

I've been going back and forth over whether to big chop to get rid of all the bone straight ends and looser texlaxed textures. For now, I'm going to long-term transition, relying on small trims to maintain long hair. Realistically I think it will take at least 18 more months to be in a position where I'd be comfortable chopping off all of my ends.

My transition has made me experiment with my hair less which is why sometimes hair updates/styling etc can be minimal on my blog. I am however open to suggestions for what kind of hair posts you'd like me to do.

What kind of hair posts do you like to read?

Lesley x