Sunday, 7 December 2014

My Top 5 Glitter Nail Polishes

I'm not much of a glitter fan, but this time of year it's hard not to get caught up in the festive spirit and paint my talons with a little sparkle. These are my favourite polishes for this season:

(from left to right) L.A. COLORS Color Craze Nail polish in Aqua Crystals | Barry M Nail Paint in 343 (Ltd Edition) | L.A. COLORS Color Craze Nail polish in Goddess | Look Beauty Nail Pop in Sequin Effect 24 | H&M Nail polish in Just Blue Much

I mostly love wearing glitter polishes as a top coat and as a result most of the shimmery polishes I have are subtle and sheer. I have a few L.A Colours nail polishes in varying glitter tones but Goddess and Aqua Crystals are my go-to varnishes to finishing off my mani. I also love using Look Beauty's Nail Pop in Sequin Effect as a top coat as it's packed with fine metallic flakes, leaving a gorgeous lasting shimmer on my nails.

The other two shades shown are for when I really want my nails to stand out. The Barry M Nail Paint in 343 is a limited edition polish I picked up in Boots last year which screams Christmas to me. The effect isn't strictly 'glitter' in the traditional sense and instead rather reminiscent of strips of tinsel. This particular polish takes a lot of layering if you want to get the full effect but it's so worth the results. H&M's glitter polish is the latest addition to my collection and feels just a festive. I love the multi-coloured specks of glitter running throughout a cool blue base and the polish can be layered to create an ombre effect.

Tips for wearing glitter polish:

- Wear a good base coat, preferably one that peels off, as glitter nail polish is notoriously difficult to remove.
- Try glitter nail tips if you don't fancy full-on sparkle. This is one of my favourite ways to wear glitter nail polish.
- Make your glitter polish a feature by painting just one nail from each hand with a glitter polish and using a plain shade for your other nails.
- Use sheer glitter polishes as a top coat to give your favourite year round shades a festive twist.

Do you wear glitter nail polish?

Lesley x