Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year! Goals for 2015

I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions usually but over the past year I've been more proactive in setting myself personal goals and working towards achieving them. I found Fiona's recent post on her goals for 2015 here particularly inspiring and I've made a few personal goals for this year. I thought I'd share my beauty and hair related goals for 2015 in this post.

Healthier diet. 
Diet-related New Year's resolutions are always popular, some might say they're a cliché. I have no real issues with how my body looks and I have no desire to lose any weight but my diet currently is pretty dire. I don't think it's ever been good as I'm addicted to chocolate (I have it every single day) and I seem to love all the stuff that's 'bad' for you. I'm positive my poor diet has been impacting on my sleep (or lack of), affecting my concentration, the look of my skin and general health. My intention is to eat cleaner - so more raw, unprocessed food and drink - but I won't give up the bad stuff completely.

Clearer skin. 
I feel like I've been chasing the dream of clear skin since my early teens. I'm always getting monthly breakouts but recently my skin has been awful and I've had to rely more and more on heavy duty concealer to cover my cystic spots (those nasty ones right under the skin), increased redness and the resulting scarring and pigmentation. I think my diet and lack of water has been affecting my skin a lot so I'm hoping changing these things will help clear my skin. I also intend to be more rigorous with what I put on my skin by looking towards more natural products. I also want to get rid of my remaining DPN as my skin improved vastly last March when I had my first treatment of Advanced Electrolysis (more info on this here).

Better organisation.
Despite blogging for over 2 years, I still don't have a set way of how I plan and write posts. My work-life has to be organised, and I have pretty pressured deadlines that I have to stick to and I guess as a result I've enjoyed having a more relaxed approach to my blog. Posts that aren't pre-planned tend to work well for me however, during 2014 my 'off-the-cuff' style of blogging was really affected by 'real-life' stuff. My goal is to be more organised which should hopefully lead to better content.

Cut hair (gradually). 
When I started this blog I had a clear-cut set of hair goals which I have now achieved. Most of them were length related but now all I can think about is cutting my hair short, which almost seems counterproductive. Goals of course can always change, but many friends have pointed out that I might hate the result after chopping off all my hair. I think I'm itching for change from what's been a long 'transition'. To give a little background, I'm currently growing out my bone straight relaxed hair. My hair now reaches my waist but only about 3-4 inches at the top is how I want my hair to look (it's still relaxed but to a lesser degree known as texlaxing) and much closer in texture to my naturally curly hair. Cutting my ends off is inevitable but my aim is to keep gradually chopping off my ends instead of a dramatic cut. Hopefully this will satisfy my need for a haircut whilst also allowing me to keep enough length to do my favourite hairstyles.

What are some of your goals for 2015?

Lesley x