Friday, 27 February 2015

Review | Root2Tip Natural Hair Butter

I was sent a few Root2Tip goodies for Christmas, including the Triple M Miracle Moisture Milk (£13.99)*, the Root2Tip Protein Balance 'Elasticity Retention' Hair Masque (£12.99)* and the Natural Hair Butter (£10.99)*. The Moisture Milk and Protein Masque are already amongst my favourite hair products which I've been using and purchasing for some time. I've never tried the Natural Hair Butter before though and I've ended up relying on this product more for my skin than hair.

Root2Tip is a natural haircare brand and this butter is full of skin-loving ingredients, primarily Shea butter. The product is made for all hair types and has many uses including providing shine and hold to a curly hair (or curly sets). I've found Shea butter is just too heavy for my hair, which gets weighed down easily. As a result I prefer to only use this product pre-shampoo treatment on my ends. I warm the butter up a little in my hands and smooth it down the lengths before stepping in the shower and it stops my hair getting stripped during the shampoo process. My ends feel so smooth and buttery post-wash I love it!

The product is also recommended for use on the skin and I use the product on my body the most. I've been applying it to my knees, elbows and hands a lot recently to banish any dryness. It works wonderfully at keeping my skin super soft and hydrated and I only need to use a little product at a time. My skin has felt amazing combining applying this butter regularly along with a weekly body scrub using this DIY.

Overall this is a great product with a few uses, though I love it more for my skin than hair. Root2Tip products can be purchased from their website.

*sample. Read my disclaimer here.

Have you tried anything by Root2Tip?

Lesley x