How I care for my hair under wigs [Video]

Sunday, 26 April 2015

I've been wearing my wig for about a month now and the latest video up on my YouTube channel is a run-down of how I care for my hair in braids under my wig. My routine is really simple and hasn't changed a huge amount from my usual routine, apart from styling of course! The main thing for me is making sure my hair stays moisturised.

The Video: 

Lesley x


  1. Great Video! This wig loooks good on you, i wish i could find one to wear.

  2. Do you wear the wig Everyday or do you sometimes go out in just the cornrows?

    1. I wear the wig pretty much every day to work but in the evenings and weekends I'll just have my cornrows x

  3. points are spot this wig on you Lesley!!

  4. Great video. I seriously need to consider getting my hair professionally braided. I use a daily spritz to moisturize. I don't wash with braids though. I take my braids down.

  5. Hey Lesley!

    Sorry the previous comment wasnt finished :) Anywho, it was such a pleasant discovery when I stumbled on your blog!! ive been pretty much glued to it, and have learnt a lot about taking care of hair and beuty bits.. Got a request though, not sure if its a weird one but I'll give it a shot-----m quite new at the lipstick game...and have been having some hiccups, sooo do you mind pls putting up a video on how you apply lipstick 🙈? I will really appreciate it.

    Thank you lots....oh and you are very pretty!


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