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Saturday, 2 May 2015

I bought a Curlformers Styling Kit (long and wide version) way back when I started taking caring for my hair seriously in 2011. I was into all things 'heatless' and Curlformers seemed like the ideal way to style my hair without causing any damage. If you're not familiar with Curlformers, they're like long coily rollers which you hook your hair inside to create perfectly shaped curls. You can get Curlformers in different varieties of lengths and widths and the two colours indicate which direction the curls bend in (left or right).

You're supposed to use these on wet hair, allowing your hair to airdry so there's no heat involved. I used them twice before giving up on Curlformers for almost 4 years! I couldn't fault the curls they created, which were perfect, but I couldn't stand having to use them on wet hair (as mine can take hours to dry) and I didn't like having to drag my tangle-prone hair into the curlers. I also have a lot of hair on my head and even when it was short it would take hours to put these in as they need to be small sections to dry evenly. I was about to throw them out, but curiosity made me try the Curlformers on my wig and the results are just beautiful.

This is now the main way I style my wig. It takes little to no time to prep and the curls can last for a few days before I need to repeat the process. I only spray the ends of my wig with a little water and hook small sections into the Curlformers. I then leave the hair to airdry on my mannequin head overnight.

The pictures here are from the first time I tried them last week. The curls held up for most of the day before dropping into loose waves. I didn't use any product on the wig, only a little water, and these shots were taken at the end of the day. I'm definitely going to continue using Curlformers on my wig as it doesn't cause any damage to the hair and the results are so pretty.

Have you tried Curlformers?

Lesley x


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! Love your post!

  2. That curiousity of yours is worth it. A very nice idea, you look just great

  3. Wow, the curls are amazing!

  4. You look good in everything!!

    Are curlformers supposed to give just waves or can they also give real curls?

    Is your wig real human hair?

    1. Thank you Lisa. Curlformers come in a few different sizes and lengths. The ones I have make the hair curly but if you don't use any holding products it drops into loose waves. My wig is real human hair x

  5. I have never tried curlformers, but I've always been curious about them. You did a good job finding a way to make them to work for you.

  6. Sooo cute!

    I've always been curious about curlformers too, but the amount that I would need to do my entire head + the price has kept me away. I'm so glad that you didn't throw yours out!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  7. Loving the bangs babe!!!! Looking stunning!x

  8. I love how natural and unforced the curls look pretty <3

  9. you're so cute, love the curls, do using hot curlers have negative effect on the weave?

  10. I loveeee!!! Beach waves and so sultry. x Looking fab

  11. I like the end results of the curlformers on your hair. It's very different from bantu knots I have done before. You look great.

    Please check out my new blog on my hair journey.


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