Monday, 28 September 2015

Beauty | Updated Everyday Makeup Routine [Video]

I've made a few tweaks to my everyday makeup routine so I've uploaded an updated version for my YouTube channel. The look is pretty similar to my last Everyday Makeup Routine uploaded in January but it's a tad more simplified with a few different products.

I only ever really ramp up my makeup for evening looks or if I'm going somewhere special at the weekend and it's then that I might play with a little 'strobing', eyeshadow and liner. I rarely use concealer daily too or colour correct on my scars. I tend to do any extra steps when I'm having a bad skin day so I felt like this video was more accurate in showing what I actually do on an average day.

Though it's obvious I'm wearing makeup I tend to go for a more 'fresh faced' approach even with a full face applied. If you'd like to see an evening look, contouring routine or similar, let me know.

The Video:

What's your everyday makeup like?

Lesley x