Sunday, 15 November 2015

Review | Mixed Chicks

Haircare brand Mixed Chicks (available here) has been on my radar since 2012. Back then I was interning for magazine Black Beauty & Hair and I had the pleasure of meeting the curly-haired founders, Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge. I really resonated with their experience of using the available hair products on the market, which were made for either very dry hair or oily hair with little in between. Wendi and Kim explained that their brand was for those who didn't fit in to those categories and though my hair was relaxed straight I hoped that the products would still work for me. In short, I tried a few of the products with little success. Coming back to them 3 years later I wanted to have an open mind as my hair has changed so much since then.

Gentle Clarifying Shampoo (£11.90/300ml)*
I really like this shampoo which gives a lot of slip and makes my hair really silky. It doesn't really lather but it still cleanses and removes build-up well. I've tried this with and without applying a pre shampoo treatment first and it did make my strands a little dry with the latter. Though I'll continue to use it when it runs out I don't think I'd buy it as I have a few shampoos I like already. 

Leave-In Conditioner (£15.90/300ml)*
I've been using this leave-in regularly as it gives gorgeous definition. You have to use it when the hair is wet or it can leave your strands sticky so I rely on this when my hair has just been freshly washed or dampened first. I apply it pretty generously but if you use too much it can make the hair feel a little crunchy. I usually just add a little of my moisturiser when my hair is fully dry to make it soft again without disturbing the definition. I love the scent and my hair doesn't get frizzy when using this. Though this leave-in is pricey it's definitely a product I'll pick up when it runs out. 

Detangling Deep Conditioner (£10.90/236ml)*
I really wanted to love this product as deep conditioners are my absolute favourite products to use. It's very thick, buttery and smells beautiful but I find this lacking something. It isn't formulated with particularly special ingredients which is a little disappointing considering the high price. The instructions state to 'apply and rinse' too which I found a little confusing as deep conditioners usually need to be left on from anywhere from 5-30 minutes. I've been mostly leaving it on my hair with a steamer for roughly 10-15 minutes and it's allowed me to detangle my strands very easily. Without using my steamer however this deep conditioner doesn't give my thirsty hair the moisture it needs. It's best suited to hair that doesn't get very dry. 

Morning After Redefining Foam (£11.90/236ml)*
I love the idea of this product, which is supposed to refresh curls without the need for re-wetting the hair, but I'm not totally sold on the actual product itself. Ive used it several times in an attempt to bring back curl definition (often lost whilst sleeping) and it does work but I have to apply a lot to really make any impact, which only leaves my hair wet and slightly sticky.

Overall it's clear Mixed Chicks products work much better for my hair now being natural/texlaxed than it did when my hair was fully relaxed. I love the packaging and fragrance of the products but I'm not entirely convinced there's enough decent ingredients inside to warrant the high price tag. Whilst I had a good experience with the products here, the only item I'd buy out of the 4 is the Leave-In Conditioner.

*sample - read my disclaimer here.

Have you tried Mixed Chicks products?

Lesley x