Thursday, 20 October 2016

Update | Laser Hair Removal at the Pulse Light Clinic

For the past 6 months I've been receiving laser hair removal on my underarms at the Pulse Light Clinic* (see my initial post here). It's something I've been wanting to do for years as I've always had trouble removing the hair on my underarms and have had to resort to shaving every day. My skin hated me for it and it was so discoloured and dry from the constant shaving. I've now had 4 sessions (spaced roughly 6 weeks apart) and I rarely reach for my razor anymore.

The Pulse Light Clinic have two bases in central London and I've been receiving my treatments at the Percy Street clinic. It's so easy for me to get to and it's just off Tottenham Court Road so it's a great excuse to mooch around the shops afterwards.

The laser process itself can feel a little uncomfortable, it's like having a pin prick on the skin, but the good thing is it's over so quickly. My underarms can feel a little sore after the treatment but again this doesn't last long and a little Aloe Vera gel is usually applied which helps soothe the skin.

With my first treatment I saw such a dramatic difference - the hair was very slow to grow back in some areas and was much finer in the others. Since then the results of the other treatments haven't seemed as dramatic though the hair is definitely more patchy. My underarm skin feels so much smoother and doesn't look discoloured anymore as I'm not having to shave as often.

As I'm not quite hair-free yet I'm hoping to have a few more treatments and hopefully I'll see the results I'm looking for. If I do I might get other areas of my body lasered though I would say this is definitely not a quick fix. It has taken time to see a change but not having to shave as often has made worth it for me so far.

If you have any questions about my treatment let me know. If you're interested in knowing more about laser hair removal from the Pulse Light Clinic they have details on their website here.

*complementary treatment received - read my disclaimer here.

Have you tried laser hair removal?

Lesley x