Thursday, 25 January 2018

Style | Tommy Hilfiger at Specsavers

I've been wearing glasses since my college days after realising during one class I couldn't actually see what the tutor had written on the whiteboard. After struggling for a few days and asking the students around me if I could copy their notes, I eventually booked an appointment with an optician. My reluctance in wanting glasses stemmed from not liking a lot of the styles offered at the time and I've since been through a fair number of glasses as a result.

Most days I end up wearing contacts and reserve my glasses for when I'm at home as finding glasses that suit what I wear (which generally has a retro-feel lately) and my face shape has been a little tricky in the past. Specsavers got in touch about their Tommy Hilfiger glasses collection* recently and I was instantly drawn to these tortoiseshell glasses. They give me the vintage feel I've been after, work with a lot of my outfits and are comfortable to wear.

Want a pair for yourself? You can find the Tommy Hilfiger collection on the Specsavers website or in-store.

*This is a sponsored post - read my disclaimer here.

Lesley x