Sunday, 16 August 2015

Hair | Upside Down Braided Bun

This is another style I've been meaning to do but have avoided when my hair is in its usual texlaxed/relaxed state as it can tangle up really easily. My hair is still pretty smooth since being straightened last week but my edges have reverted back to curly and it's been raining so much I've just wanted to keep my hair tucked away.

To create this style I sectioned off a small area at the front and twisted it out of the way. I then flipped my head over and combed my hair out to remove any tangles. With my head still positioned upside down I took a very small section at the top, split this in to 3 and started a regular French braid until it reached the top of my head. I secured the braid with a ponytail and then French braided the front section as normal until I reached the middle of my head. I then took the sections together and wrapped them around a small hair doughnut to create an even shaped bun. The result is a little messy but it made my everyday bun a little more interesting.

This video best explains the steps I did, the only difference being that I french braided the top section too. I'll definitely be trying this again though I'll try to make it a little neater next time.

What styles have you been doing with your hair?

Lesley x