Sunday, 30 August 2015

Mini Haul | Foundations & Concealers

I've been limiting my makeup products as I tend to rely on the same items day after day but I ended up purchasing a light foundation and a few liquid colour-correcting concealers which were missing from my collection.

Summer is almost over but it's still so muggy in the UK and I'm not loving the feeling of a full face of makeup on a hot, sticky day! I can't go without makeup completely either though, so the MAC Face & Body Foundation seemed like a good option. It's probably better for dry skin types rather than my oily-prone face but I love that it's so light and the finish is really natural.

I've been more proactive with covering blemishes and dark marks on my skin too which means I don't have to wear as much foundation. I usually don't mind the odd scar on show but there are some areas of my skin I do prefer to cover. I've been using the KIKO Natural Concealer in Shade 04 to cover some redness on my face underneath my foundation. It blends easily and gives a decent amount of coverage. I've also been using the Rich Yellow half of the MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Duo to brighten my eye area.

I've been using the other (Burnt Coral) half of the MAC Duo on my leg. I was very badly bitten by an unknown insect last summer and it left some pretty horrendous dark pigmentation on my leg. I've been living in tights and jeans since it happened as the scarring was actually black and pitted initially. It's definitely affected the frequency of my outfit posts as I now don't wear a lot of what were my favourite clothes. Thankfully the area has lightened up a little though with time which means it's slightly easier to cover with makeup. I've been using the MAC Face & Body Foundation as a base and then colour-correcting the dark marks with the burnt coral concealer, before applying my usual concealer and blending in. It's not a perfect fix but it's helped me be more confident with getting my legs out after hiding them for so long.

I haven't had a huge amount of experience with Keromask, but I purchased one of their sample kits last year and I found myself always dipping my foundation brush into the Camouflage Cream Mixer in Yellow. I'm a bit obsessive about ensuring my foundation is the right shade/undertone and I always end up mixing products together to make the right shade. I have a couple of old foundations which I stopped wearing as they're a little too on the red/pink side for my skin and the Yellow mixer warms the shades up making them a better match for my skin. It's a tiny bottle but it's so pigmented and I only need a little product with each use so I know this will last me a long time.

What have you been buying recently?

Lesley x