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I was sent some of Urban Outfitters' top beauty picks for September through to October from their US website. The US UO online beauty department is filled with an eclectic selection of unique and often exclusive offerings from across the globe. It's been great to get a taste of some products us Brits can't always get our hands on or are much more expensive over here. This post rounds up a few of my favourites from the ones I was sent.

I say it often, but I really love using milk-y products on my hair so I was happy to see Reverie Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing Treatment ($42)* sent over. It boasts an impressive ingredients list with lots of natural oils and flower extracts. The scent is pretty natural too - you can really smell the sage and rosemary in this! I've only used it a handful of times but it's left my hair smooth, soft and it's so light. I like it so far but this leave-in is hella pricey. I don't mind paying a bit extra for a great product but I do have my limits. This product would probably suit someone who uses minimal product and doesn't mind paying the extra buck for a quality leave-in.

Eau De Parfums The Matcha and Oud Sahara ($18 each)* also made their way from across the pond. The Matcha smells absolutely gorgeous. I really love floral, feminine perfumes so it suits me to a tee. Oud Sahara has more earthy, woody notes which are often my second choice. Both perfumes seem high quality and are long-lasting. It's a shame these aren't available in the UK as I'd definitely buy these.

The Nudestix Sculpting Pencil ($24)* is something I've been wanting to purchase but the UK £24 price tag is just a bit too high for me especially as I rarely contour. It's been great to try this product which makes sharpening those cheekbones a breeze. Blending is effortless and there's none of that chalky, dirty finish which can sometimes happen if contouring isn't your forte (like me). The Nudestix colour range isn't great though. I was sent the darkest tone and it only just about works for my skin. I really love the concept though so I might just have to find a better medium skin friendly dupe when my skin inevitably gets darker in the summer.

I do love a face mask but rarely make the time to enjoy one. I tried the Pearl Brightening Facial Mask from The Skin Lounge 3 Mask Seoul Collection ($12)* as I typed up this post. Korean beauty brand The Skin Lounge has attained a cult-like status in the last year for their sheet masks. The ingredients, which include witch hazel and castor oil, are soaked onto sheets which you peel the backing off of and apply to cleansed skin. It feels (and looks) pretty strange on but after removal my skin seemed 'fresher' and I'm definitely excited to use another. It's suggested to use these mask sheets 2-3 times a week but as I'm acne prone I'm always careful not to 'overdo' my skincare routine in case I cause inflammation. This set is available in the UK for about £18 though and I would buy these to use every now and again.

Receiving these products has definitely made me realise there was more on offer at Urban Outfitters between the edgy fashion, quirky homeware and gifts. My blog has a pretty diverse readership so for those of you in the US that have tried any of the products here or have bought beauty products from UO what did you think? UK ladies the UO equivalent here isn't as vast but there's definitely a lot more than I realised despite frequenting the UO website often. Have you purchased from them or other stores like Topshop, ASOS and H&M who also sell fashion and beauty?

*Sample. See my disclaimer here.

What beauty products have you been using lately?

Lesley x

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