Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hair By EbonyB

I very rarely entrust my hair into the hands of others (my paranoia stems from one too many bad experiences in the past). Whilst I've gotten used to styling my own hair I'm the first to admit that there's a lot more styles I'd try if I had the skills to do them. One thing I've never been able to do well is braid and I've been itching to try another cornrowed style.

I've been in contact with Zuwena, owner of EbonyB Salon, for the past few months and I met with her for the first time yesterday. The salon is located in North London which is a bit of a trek from my neck of the woods but it was fairly easy to find. After a chat about how I generally care for and style my hair Zuwena suggested a braided style. My hair had only been washed the day before so she blowdried my hair before cornrowing with extensions. She was so gentle with my hair and I absolutely love the result so expect a few snaps of how I'll be wearing this style to pop up on my Instagram page soon.

This style usually costs from £35* and if you're interested in trying it too you can get 10% off by quoting 'Fresh Lengths' when booking between 7th - 21st June.

*Complementary hairstyle

What hairstyles do you like to do? 

Lesley x