Monday, 5 May 2014

Skincare Routine | May 2014

I get asked a lot about what I do to my face but honestly the answer is not a great deal. I've found that the more products I use the more my face gets irritated. I regularly get spots and have quite a few scars on my face which sometimes surprises people that follow my blog or my Instagram. I think the thing to remember is that I avoid taking pictures when my skin is not looking its best and in most of my pictures I'm wearing some makeup. That said, my skin has drastically improved in the last couple of years and I do think keeping a consistent and simple skincare routine helps.

In general I cleanse my skin twice day, removing all traces of makeup before rolling into bed. I exfoliate when I can though typically this ends up being once a week. My products change all the time and I don't worry too much about the ingredients. I like whipping up natural DIYs but I rarely have the time to do this on a daily basis.

In the mornings my routine is pretty simple. I use Nivea Gentle Cleansing Cream wash to freshen up which leaves my skin feeling so soft. I bought it after a bad breakout a couple of months ago and it helped my skin feel less irritated. I then apply a moisturiser with some form of SPF protection (though I prefer to use a separate sun cream to prevent my scars darkening). Mostly I've been using Nivea Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream for Normal & Combination skin (SPF 15). I use only a little as my skin gets pretty oily throughout the day. 

Nightly, I've recently started using Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to remove as much makeup as possible. Afterwards I use the Nivea face wash again to ensure my face is totally clean. I also apply a moisturiser before bed.

To exfoliate I tend to reach for Clarins Gentle Refiner or use the No7 Beautiful Cleansing Brush after I apply the Garnier Cleansing Water. I definitely think regular exfoliation helps my dark marks and scars diminish more quickly and I love how smooth my skin feels afterwards. I use scrubs more than the No7 brush as I think it can be quite rough on the skin and if my face is particularly irritated I don't use it.

How do you care for your skin?

Lesley x