Tuesday, 9 June 2015

How To | Henna Gloss [Video]

I used henna for the first time in a few months last week and decided to film how I do it for my YouTube channel. I love using henna as my hair just feels so much stronger, shinier and silkier. I really like the red colour too, though it's a shame you can only really see it in certain lighting!

I used henna with conditioner here (known as a henna gloss) and the results were just what my hair needed as it's been looking a little lacklustre lately. I only show the prep, application and what I do after the treatment here as I already have a video on how I mix up my henna here.

The Video: 

If there's anything you'd like to know about henna use you can read my Henna FAQ.

Have you tried henna before?

Lesley x