Monday, 1 June 2015

Review | KeraCare Gels & Waxes

As my hair has quite a lot of texture I've come to rely heavily on styling products to keep my hair slicked. There's so many different products out there delivering a range of holds and finishes. KeraCare has a huge range of products dedicated to creating sculpted styles so I thought review my favourites here.

KeraCare Styling Wax Stick (£10.70/75g)*
I love this wax and though it's probably more suited to shorter crops, this can be used to tame any flyaways or add texture to longer hair. It's not a product I use every day as the hold is flexible rather than strong. I use this mostly for when I'm wearing my hair in braids to keep my strands smooth but not stiff. I apply a little of the wax straight from the stick down the parting of each section of hair to keep my hair in place whilst styling. When I last used this wax before braiding my hair it still looked pretty smooth even after a gym session which I wasn't expecting (a picture can be seen on my Instagram here). It is pretty pricey for a product I don't use all the time so it's definitely more of a luxury product than a necessity for me.

KeraCare Protein Styling Gel (£3.60/115g)*
I really wasn't sure how much I'd like this initially as I thought the protein content might make my edges hard. This is actually my ultimate favourite product of the three here as the hold is perfect for me and it doesn't flake. I usually wet my hair a little before applying this and smooth the product in either with my fingers or a brush. The finish is very natural and not overly shiny. I'm definitely going to pick up another of these when it runs out.

KeraCare Edge Tamer (£8.80/65g)*
This product is really similar to so many other gel products I've tried before (like ORS Edge Control and Elasta QP Glaze). It gives a nice hold and the finish is super shiny. I prefer a more natural look so I tend to use only a little of this after using the protein Styling Gel if needed. It's suggested on the packaging to smooth this product in with fingers but I always end up using a soft brush as the result is more seamless that way. Whilst this is a good product, you do have to contend with this gel melting throughout the day. If you're anything like me and constantly have 'hand-in-hair syndrome' expect to get a little gel transfer on your fingers.

*sample - read my disclaimer here.

What hair styling products do you like to use?

Lesley x