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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

As much as I love a good sudsing (pretty sure that's a verb), shampooing hair constantly can leave it dry and stripped. By just using a conditioner for cleansing (known as co-washing) your hair can be refreshed and retain moisture better.

I've definitely spoken about co-washing a few times on my blog before but now my hair is completely curly I co-wash more than ever. For so long I've relied on at least 3 products almost every wash day (pre-shampoo treatment, shampoo and deep conditioner) to ensure my hair has enough moisture throughout the week. Whilst it is a lot of steps, I honestly felt it was necessary for me as I'm so lazy with moisturising daily. Only occasionally would I ever use just a conditioner (usually on very late, sleep-deprived nights). The good news is now I'm washing more often with just one product my hair hasn't felt like it's lacking moisture. You could call me a co-wash convert...

Not sure how to co-wash? It's not much different to using a shampoo - dampen your hair first, apply working into the scalp and rinse. With conditioner you can apply the product from root to tip and leave on for a few minutes to soften and moisturise your strands.

Finding the right product for co-washing your hair may take a bit of trial and error. Product choice is huge and a few haircare companies now also make 'conditioning cleansers' adding more options into the mix. Not all conditioners are created equal, though with any luck you can use whichever products you have on hand already.

In general I prefer to use conditioners which are silicone-free to prevent build-up and those that are fairly cheap as I get through so much product each wash. My co-wash hero is the TRESemmé Vibrant Naturals Nourish & Replenish Conditioner which I think is known simply as TRESemmé Naturals across the pond in the US. Other products I've tried and loved for co-washing are Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Conditioner (they also have a co-wash conditioner in this range), Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Conditioner*, KeraCare Honey Shea Co-Wash* and KeraCare Natural Textures Cleansing Cream*.

Conditioner has a tendency to build-up on the hair and scalp so remember it needs to be rinsed off properly post-cleanse. I usually notice my hair starts to get dull and limp after a few co-washes and it's at this point I turn to shampoo again. Some curly-haired beauties have a strict 'no-poo' (shampoo) hair routine but I can't personally rely solely on conditioner for all of my cleansing. Depending on the types of products you use and how dirty/oily your scalp gets it's good to also clarify with a shampoo monthly or bi-monthly.

It's not for everyone, but if your hair is naturally dry, try swapping out your shampoo for your conditioner.

*Products mentioned were received as samples. You can read my disclaimer here.

Have you tried co-washing?

Lesley x


  1. I love co-washing, especially during the winter - makes my hair feel so soft. Your hair looks sooo pretty! I'd love to try the KeraCare co-wash soon!

  2. my hair and scalp have become sooo dry. I tried the cowashing method with coconut oil and my hair felt great!

  3. I'm a big TREsemme fan!! The best part about co-washing is that the conditioner itself relaxes the curls. Remember to apply your leave-ins while the hair is still relaxed. Great post, doll!!

  4. I love co-washing but can only co-wash ince a week then within a week I will have to shampoo my hair. I'm currently loving V05 Give Me Moisture Conditioner to cowash but I will definitely give the Tresemme a try as I used to use Tresemme when I first started my hair journey. Loving your fully texlaxed hair x

  5. Super Gorgeous Hair. I love co-washing but still rely on my shampoo inbetween

  6. Cowashing is my best friend along with a prepoo before.:-)

  7. Love co-washing!! Girl you hair has transformed!! Looking forward to it being the length it was before with this will be stunning!


  8. I started co-washing a while back, before I cut my relaxed hair off. It truly is AMAZING!! Like you said though, shampooing intermittently is definitely still required, especially if a lot of product is used for styling etc between 'washes'. Each head will be different, of course, and finding the right conditioner like any other product is key.
    Your hair looks fabulous! It clearly loves the single product routine.

  9. You hair looks so amazing !


  10. Yes,I love co-washing and not surprisingly our co-wash hero is the exact same. It's affordable and works! I co-wash during my mid-week wash. Your hair looks gorgeous xo

  11. Lovely post Lesley. I really want to try co-washing, just can't put down that shampoo! Your curls look gorgeous! xx


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