Sunday, 15 May 2016

Style | Forever 21 Khaki Jacket

I show very little of my style on my blog but I'm hoping that's about to change. A couple of things have held me back in creating more style posts up until now - very few opportunities to actually shoot outdoors, a lack of space and lighting indoors to take full length shots and I started to scrutinise whether my personal style was actually 'fashionable'. I love blogging but the standard is so high in the blogging community that sometimes I forget that I really shouldn't put so much pressure on something I started for fun.

I've been dressing more casual lately in general and this Forever 21 jacket has been my go-to now it's warmer. I've mostly been wearing it with dainty camis like the one here and converse. I don't like trainers usually but I love a pair of converse sneakers and I've been collecting a few pairs in white as they go with almost everything. I've also finally got over not getting my legs out for two reasons - it has been gorgeously sunny in the UK and I've become almost entirely unbothered about the scarring on my legs which I've kept hidden for the past few years.

I have stretch marks (thanks puberty), dark knees and brown pitted scarring on my lower left leg but I've stopped caring. I'll admit my legs are starting to look more even now and my u-turn on hating my legs is partly due to the fact that I'm wearing tights here. I was sent some Ownbrown Ultrasheer Tights (£9)* way back in March but haven't worn them until the last couple of weeks. I'm wearing Ownbrown's lightest shade Amani which are darker than my skintone but as they're sheer you can barely even tell I'm wearing tights in person.

Top - Topshop | Jacket - Forever 21 | Shorts - River Island | Tights - Ownbrown* | Shoes - Converse | Rings - Pilgrim & Rebecca Gladstone* | Watch - Olivia Burton

Primark has some tights which work great for medium or tanned skin but before I stumbled upon these for years I used to joke that creating a line of nude tights for darker skin was my billion dollar idea. I love that women like Ownbrown founder Nadine Njoko Peisker are finally taking it upon themselves to create products to solve the lack of diversity on the market currently. These Ownbrown tights are so comfortable, not overly shiny and are the right amount of sheer at 20 denier. I was sent a size large (which is a size bigger than I need according to the size guidelines) but they fit perfectly. You only get one pair in a pack which is a shame as I have a tendency to catch my nails on my tights. These have so far surprisingly survived 2 wears and (hand) washing so I'll be grabbing another pair as a back up.

*sample - read my disclaimer here.

What have you been wearing lately? 

Lesley x