Monday, 3 July 2017

Style | Okayla Jogsuit

80s fashion has been back in a big way this year and for a lot of the trends inspired by this era it's been a hard pass from me (shoulder pads and bum bags I'm looking at you). Pegged trousers and vintage-style sportswear however I've been into, massively, which you can probably guess from this outfit.

I shy away from wearing anything bright a lot but in the past few weeks my wardrobe has increasingly taken on more colours of the rainbow. I'm exaggerating, many new pieces are the same shades of blue, pink and yellow I'll admit but at least it's progress and a slide away from my habit of dressing head-to-toe in black.

This red two-piece jogsuit from Okayla* is amongst the bolder, colourful items. I love the fit most - it's comfortable without looking too cosy - and as there's a lot going on (for me at least) it doesn't really need much else worn with it so it ticks the easy to throw on box.

Jogsuit - Okayla* | Shoes - Vans 

Photography - Mike Burchardt | @burchardtlens

*sample - read my disclaimer here.

Are there any trends you've been loving this season?

Lesley x