Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Henna | March 2014

I decided to do an impromptu henna treatment last Wednesday. Weirdly I always end up craving a henna treatment as it leaves my hair feeling so strong and glossy afterwards.

I've been using henna since January 2012 but in the last year or so I've been using it less often with treatments spaced 4-5 months apart. The last time I used henna back in October I mixed it with a little bit of Indigo hoping to get a more brunette result. In short, I didn't use enough indigo and my hair kept its red tinge but I've decided I love the colour as it is.

For my last treatment I did a henna gloss, which is basically henna mixed with conditioner. The ratio was about 2/3 henna with 1/3 conditioner. I added the usual suspects (lemon oil, lavender oil and chamomile tea) to Yemeni henna to get the dye release first and added conditioner before I applied it to my hair. I said in my last post I'd try using just Coconut milk and henna, following the recipe on this blog, but I completely forgot.

Regardless, I love the results and the colour is richer now as it was fading slightly. My hair has also got that 'pick me up' it needed. I've been neglecting it in the last few months where I was getting bored with my hair and frustrated with the mix of natural/texlaxed/relaxed textures. I think I might try and do another treatment sooner next time or maybe try just applying henna to my ends to breathe a bit of life into them. Hopefully I'll finally try that recipe with Coconut milk!

Have you tried henna?

Lesley x