Sunday, 16 March 2014

Review | Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

My brow routine hasn't changed that much over the last year, until now that is with the launch of Benefit's Gimme Brow (£17.50). I'm in love with fibre lash mascara and essentially this product is the all-in-one brow version.

I bought Gimme Brow a couple of weeks ago and I'm impressed with how quick it is to shape my eyebrows now. I have wonky and sparse brows so I always feel like my makeup isn't complete if they aren't filled in. However, I don't want to spend ages trying to draw on the perfect brows every morning. The formula for Gimme works by sticking to the eyebrow hairs and skin to fill them out with just a few strokes of the product. This gives my brows a groomed and naturally filled in appearance so easily. After I've used this product my brows are set perfectly and the formula lasts fantastically throughout the day. If I have time, I prefer to use Gimme Brow in conjunction with the Sleek Makeup Brow Kit for a more bold brow, but the product works great by itself.

The actual product is tiny! The wand is so small, it's perfect for getting just the right amount of product onto my brows without any mishaps. This only comes in two colours, light medium and medium deep. I got medium deep and it suits the colour of my brows so well. Here's how it looks on with no other products used on my brows.

I don't usually spend a lot on makeup (with the exception of foundation and concealer) so this product was more on the expensive side for me but I'd happily buy it again when it runs out. I got Gimme Brow from Debenhams as they were doing 10% off beauty products 2 weeks ago. It's also available from other department stores nationwide and online retailers.

Would you or have you tried Benefit Gimme Brow?

Lesley x