Hairstyle | Big Sideswept Braided Bun

Monday, 27 October 2014

I rarely forgo my usual daily high bun but yesterday I thought I'd try something slightly different. I've always wanted to style my hair like this beautiful twisted updo shown in Ropo's video here but it's never worked well on my hair. Even though my hair seems to have almost crept back to waist length it's simply not long (or thick) enough to get the same results shown in the video above. I don't wear extensions often and only have UKHairWeaves Regal Relaxed Clip-ins* (reviewed here) in my haircare arsenal but I figured I would attempt the style with these anyway.

It would have been far easier to replicate this style with braiding hair (hair with no tracks), not clip-ins, but I guess I was determined. I knew I wouldn't be able to do two buns or even twist the hair as shown in Ropo's video as even with clip-ins the hair I had to work with wasn't thick or long enough!

Eventually I decided to clip all 8 wefts of my Regal Relaxed extensions roughly in the center of my head. I then pulled my hair into a fairly taught (but comfortable) high ponytail. I separated the ponytail into four sections to make 4 regular braids, fluffing them a little to make the braids look thicker. I then carefully pinned the braids around each other to one side, readjusting areas as necessary to get the desired shape. It took a lot of bobby pins to keep this hairstyle in place but I was happy with the end result. 

Though this worked out much better than I initially thought it would if I try this hairstyle again I'll definitely ensure I have braiding hair on hand first.

*sample. You can read my disclaimer here.

What hairstyles have you tried lately?

Lesley x


  1. oh ,wow , i'm loving it , its really nice and neatly done.I'm still wearing my usual pony tail .


  2. This is gorgeous, so well done. Your brows btw, looking amazing xo

  3. I really like it. Maybe I will be able to do it in two more years with my own hair. Lol!

  4. I swear you take the best facing selfie's. Gorgeous as usual.

  5. So beautiful!

  6. Whoa Lesley! Looks amazing, I want it! You can't even tell it's not all your hair cos it blends seamlessly

  7. Stunning all round, I love all your photos (the white background, your white shirt, your makeup,everything), xx

  8. Your selfie's are always stunning! I love the bun you're rocking as well.

  9. Ummm, wow, my breath just left me. You're stunning! And I love the way you blended this hair. Styles like this always make me nervous (because you have to add extra pieces), but you did a phenomenal job with making everything look so natural (no pun intended lol)

  10. brow envy.
    hair envy.
    skin envy.
    just all around envy, haha.


  11. OMG THIS TURNED OUT SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! But I know if I tried it, it would be a big frustrating failure lol. Hair is not my vice.

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