How I Cover Scarring & Pigmentation [Video]

Monday, 26 October 2015

Last summer I was badly bitten by an unknown insect several times and it left my leg with severe scarring. I've always suffered with hyper pigmentation but this is the worst I've ever had. It's led me to either not get my legs out at all since it happened or cover my legs with makeup when they're out.

I'm currently undergoing treatment to reduce the scarring which I'm about half way through (my scars were so much darker a few months ago) but I thought I'd show how I cover it with makeup as it is currently. If you look closely you can see it's not a perfect fix as my scars are pitted which makes covering it awkward. However using makeup definitely makes me a lot less conscious about how my legs look when they're on show.

The Video: 

I'm hoping that my scars will lift eventually but until then I hope this helps others who have scarring or pigmentation that they want to cover.

How do you deal with scarring & pigmentation?

Lesley x


  1. Thanks for posting this. I also have some discoloration on my legs and I'm very conscious about them. Have you tried any of the Sally Hansen products? The leg spray or the one in lotion form? If you have or do, I'd love your thoughts :)

    1. Hey :)
      I've got the leg spray in tan glow. It's great for giving your skin an even tone but if you've got scarring / hyper pigmentation like mine or darker it doesn't cover it in my experience. You could use it with a concealer for more coverage x

  2. Gosh that insect is terrible. Your cover results are amazing, can't see any makers

  3. Wow, amazing! I moved recently and have been getting a lot of bug bites and scaring on my legs. I don't when it happens or where they come from but my legs itch a lot.


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