Tips for Transitioning to Texlaxed [Video]

Sunday, 18 October 2015

I've been meaning to put together a video on transitioning tips for some time as I get so many questions about it but I wanted to wait until my transition was over. I didn't really change my hair routine a whole lot throughout my transition but it does require a lot of patience and care to manage all of the different textures. At times my transition was very difficult and I wouldn't say it was an easy process but I hope the tips covered in the below video help some of you who are considering or are already transitioning to texlaxed.

The Video: 

I tried to keep the video as short as possible so if you have any questions let me know!

What have you been doing with your hair lately?

Lesley x


  1. Great video! Great tips! When was your last relaxer and when do you plan to do another one? What is the difference between your natural and your texlaxed hair? Why do you prefer to have texlaxed rather than natural? I mean what is the difference in look and manageability?

    1. Hi Lisa, my last relaxer was in November last year and initially I planned to relax again after 1 year but I may wait another 1-2 months. I haven't decided yet.
      My texlaxed hair is looser, doesn't tangle up as much and loses definition easily (which is both a good and bad thing).
      The problem for me at the moment is it's really hard to tell exactly where my natural hair ends and my texlaxed hair starts but strangely I can see a clear difference between my ends and roots! I'm hoping that by stretching my relaxer a little more it will be easier to see the difference.
      I've thought about going natural but I haven't decided as I always had it in my head that I'd go natural in the future but not right now. I've never had natural hair so I didn't expect to be able to manage my roots as long as I have been! x

    2. I understand you.
      I was asking as my natural hair more or less looks like your hair. I had natural hair all my childhood and til my final years in university. It is no problem when it is short but when it was long it was a mission. I have been relaxed since uni.

      I am following your journey with the biggest interest. Will be interesting to see how you hair will look like when it is relaxed. You will probably see a different in the overall shape as the 4 inches closest to the scalp often lift up the hair and interfere with what ever hair

  2. You look super gorgeous !!



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